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Wash Rite Orlando’s Premier Pressure Washing Service Since 1991.

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I just want to discuss and hopefully educate everyone a little on the subject of concrete cleaning. Customers comment all the time to me that they can’t believe how much longer our driveway/concrete cleaning jobs last compared to our competitors.  Also, how much better it looked vs. when done by themselves or another cleaning contractor.  This isn’t by accident or a coincidence…it is by design.  There is more to cleaning concrete properly than  you may think.  I have been doing this for over 20 plus years and have perfected this process. Where most people go wrong is that they don’t use the proper detergents or techniques. They just use bleach, chlorine or plain water and pressure wash away.  Although these methods are somewhat effective, the problem is that they don’t kill the mold or algae completely to the root.  Here is how we do it. First, we apply a concrete cleaning solution to remove mold, mildew, dirt, gum, etc. from your driveway, sidewalks, pool deck, and other concrete surfaces. Second, we use a rotary surface cleaning machine with hot water as needed provided by our hot water pressure washer.  Finally we rinse.  The specialized chemicals/detergents, hot water and thoroughness are key. This cleaning process means a much longer lasting – better looking job versus pressure washing with water only. 

Pressure Washing Winter Garden
Before and After
Pressure Washing Concrete Central Florida

Before and After

 Wash Rite has been serving the Orlando Central Florida Area since 1991.  We are Orlando’s Premier Pressure Washing Service.  We provide only top quality service at an affordable price.  We can clean anything from small residential homes to large commercial projects.

In need of a Summer cleaning?  Let Wash Rite help!  We are a full service cleaning company providing safe no pressure chemical roof cleaning, Pressure Washing,  House washing, Pressure Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning and Ultrasonic blind and shade cleaning to mention a few.  Currently we are offering some New Summer Cleaning Specials.

We serve all of the Orlando Central Florida area including Windermere, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Longwood and Celebration Fl. Give us a call for a free estimate at:

407-656-0442. Or check us out on the web at:

Check out our news and info page for current updates.


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