Commercial Blind Cleaning

Orlando Blind Cleaning

Commercial Blind Cleaning

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This one is for all you property managers, facilities managers, restaurant managers and commercial building owners out there who have your janitorial companies clean your blinds. Have you considered Ultrasonic cleaning?  It is a much more affective way to have your window blinds cleaned and keep you tenants happy at the same time.  Also more cost efficient to you.

Hand dusting only removes some of the surface dust and in turn creates static electricity.  This attracts dust, dirt and only soils the surface all over again or causes a build-up of allergens.  Have you ever rubbed on the blind surface and noticed a thin layer of dust come off after they were just cleaned?  These small contaminants can be inhaled.  You can’t effectively clean the intricate parts of your blinds like our ultrasonic cleaning equipment.  Some companies claim that they clean blinds, but are only dusting them and wiping them down.  Others spray solvents on them and rinse.  This does not compare to Ultrasonic cleaning at all except for the cost.  Make sure to ask the company that is cleaning your window treatments if they are using the Ultrasonic cleaning method.  Many customers ask us how often they need this service done.  Usually a once a year cleaning is all that is necessary.  This is because ultrasonic cleaning breaks that static bond that is created by dusting.  Your blinds stay cleaner longer when they are ultrasonically cleaned.  Therefore this saves you money by eliminating the cost of your janitorial company doing regular dusting.
Commercial Blind Cleaning
Wash Rite has a  mobile trailer fully equipped with water and electric. This allows us to take down, clean and hang your window treatments on site same day.  Customers prefer this method over a pick-up and delivery service which could leave your windows uncovered until the following day.
Oh By the Way.
Ultrasonic Blind and Shade Cleaning not only improves the appearance of your blinds, but also improves the indoor air quality of your work or office environment.  It eliminates biological contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, odors, smoke/nicotine, pollen, and other germs that cause allergies.  Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective and cost saving cleaning technique for window treatments available today. Whether you have 20 blinds or 20 floors of blinds we can help.  You won’t believe the difference.  Give us a call for a free consultation on how our service can benefit you. OR
Call For a FREE Estimate at: 407-656-0442. On the web at : for more info. We Provide only top quality service at an affordable price.
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