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Commercial Pressure washing Orlando, FL

Clean outside usually means clean outside. “It’s All About the Curb Appeal”

Customers really appreciate a clean outside restaurant or storefront area.  Don’t underestimate curb appeal.  I know when I meet a business owner or manager who is concerned about the outside appearance of their commercial property, the inside is usually in pretty good shape as well.  Don’t think your customers don’t notice your dirty sidewalks with mold, mildew and old gum.  They also take note of a storefront loaded with cobwebs or a smelly dumpster area.  A dirty or clean retail/commercial property is not only a reflection of the company, but also local management practices.

Restaurant Pressure Washing Orlando, FL

Another clean Orlando restaurant. Great job guys!

In order to clean, maintain and disinfect these areas properly make sure your cleaning contractor has the right equipment and knowledge for the job.  A hot water commercial pressure washer that can generate heat to over 200°F is essential.  It is also very important that a contractor should use the proper detergents, soaps, disinfectants and deodorizers to use for the particular cleaning application.

Commercial Power Washing Orlando, FL

Nice Clean Storefront! Looks great !

Lastly, an experienced cleaning tech is very important.  Just think of all the germs that live in our environment like on restaurant patio areas, benches, furniture, railings etc.  I’m sure your customers and employees will appreciate it as well.  We at Wash Rite can get your property looking its best and maintain it on a regular basis like we do for hundreds of our regular accounts.  Or we can help advise you on how to maintain your property between our deep cleanings.  Whatever fits your needs.

Wash Rite has been serving the Orlando, Central Florida Area Since 1991.  Family owned and operated.  We are Orlando’s Premier Pressure Washing Service and take pride in our finished work product.  Wash Rite of Orlando provides only top quality service at an affordable price.  We can clean anything from small residential homes to large commercial properties. 

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