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Church Steeple Cleaning Orlando

Great Before & After of a Church Steeple Cleaning in Orlando












The projects pictured are examples of what we like to call tricky or challenging pressure washing jobs.  The steeple pictured is one of many we have cleaned for Central Florida area churches.  Steeples are very difficult to clean or wash due to the thin fiberglass material they are made of and a light topcoat of paint that is easily removed with pressure cleaning.  They can easily be damaged if the proper chemicals, pressure and techniques are not used.  

Winter Park cleaning Washing

Great Job Guys! Another Happy Customer😃

Now take a look at this large estate home we recently pressure washed in the Windermere, FL area of Orlando.  Many people have concerns about the pressure or chemicals that are being used to clean these beautiful properties.  Some of the concerns are “will there be any streaking or spotting on the windows” or “will there be any plant damage or paint removal”?  These are all valid concerns.  That’s why it is important to do some homework and hire an experienced professional for your cleaning needs.  Don’t settle for the lowest price guy.  Cleaning high-end properties on a regular basis and hassle free is what we do everyday.

Specialty Pressure Cleaning Orlando

Oxygen Tank Cleaning Orlando


This oxygen tank cleaning was a lot more difficult to clean than you may think.  Some very specialized out of the ordinary techniques had to be used due to the volatile nature of the delicate equipment and flammable gas inside.  Not a job for the inexperienced or a beginner for sure.



We have had many of these types of special projects over the years.  These are just a few examples of us using our many years of experience and expertise to tackle some challenging jobs.  This is why the basic everyday pressure washing job becomes almost routine to us, therefore no need for you to worry.  We treat all jobs big or small, commercial or residential, easy or difficult the same. 

At Wash Rite we have over 25 plus years experience and will get your pressure cleaning project done in a timely manner hassle free like we have done for thousands of repeat residential and commercial customers.  Plus, we can help advise you on how to maintain your property in between our deep cleanings.  Give us a try – You Won’t be Disappointed.

Wash Rite has been serving the Orlando, Central Florida Area Since 1991. Family owned and operated. We are Orlando’s Premier Pressure Washing Service and take pride in our finished work product. Wash Rite of Orlando provides only top quality service at an affordable price. We can clean anything from small residential homes to large commercial properties.

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