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In this blog post I would like to address the topic of pressure washing pricing and some of the factors that go into determining cost.  I have discussed this topic in earlier posts, but I believe it needs a more in-depth explanation on some of the key factors that should go into pressure washing pricing in the Orlando, Central Florida market.  On a typical daily phone call we are often asked questions like, “What does it cost for pressure washing?  How much to clean a house?  What do you charge to clean a roof or driveway?”  Below are a few additional details we may need that determine pressure washing pricing on your particular project.

1. How many square feet is the home?  A 1500 sq. ft. home will cost less than a 4500 sq. ft home.
2. Are you prepping it for paint or just a basic exterior cleaning or soft-washing?  If you will be painting, the cleaning may be much more time-consuming and may cost a little more.
3. Is the property loaded with cobwebs, mud daubers and wasp nests or just mold, mildew and dirt?
4. Is your home one or two stories?
5. Do you have any balconies?
6. Is the home stucco, siding or brick and is there faux trim?
7. Is your roof tile or shingle, size of roof, pitch, etc.
8. Does your driveway have just mold and mildew or rust and oil?  How dirty is it?

Also, some of your surfaces may need specialized cleaning chemicals or methods such as hot water, soft-washing or other specialized equipment.

These factors will all affect the price you pay.

Commercial building pressure cleaning done by Wash Rite of Orlando

Freshly Cleaned Commercial Building. Great Job Guys!

This is why a flat price per square foot doesn’t apply to every job. Reason being, if we are cleaning two identical homes side by side the price may vary due to some of the above mentioned factors.  We prefer to physically see most larger homes and all commercial properties we bid on in order to give you an accurate quote.  If you prefer a ballpark price over the phone just give us as many details as you can for accuracy.

If you are just price shopping keep a couple of things in mind. Our finished work product will last much longer and look much better than the guy you found on Craigslist, the telephone pole advertiser or the roadside sign guy cleaning for low low prices.  They often do not use any cleaning agents or use the wrong chemicals and use too much pressure which damages your surfaces.  We know what the cost of doing and staying in business is.  When you call us again in a year or two our phone will still be turned on, our insurance will be up to date and our equipment will still be up and running.

At Wash Rite we have over 26 plus years experience in the Orlando area and will get your pressure cleaning project done in a timely manner hassle free like we have done for thousands of repeat residential, commercial and industrial pressure washing customers. Plus, we can help advise you on how to maintain your property in between our deep cleanings.  Give us a try – You Won’t be Disappointed.

Wash Rite has been serving the Orlando, Central Florida Area Since 1991.  Family owned and operated.  We are Orlando’s Premier Pressure Washing Service and take pride in our finished work product.  Wash Rite of Orlando provides only top quality service at an affordable price.  We can clean anything from residential homes to large commercial properties. 

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